Monday, October 1, 2012


Is it wrong for a self proclaimed summer lover to admit that October may be my favorite month? (Well, maybe a tie with August.) I love October! The sunny, mild days, the crisp nights, the yummy food! And Halloween! I have invitations to THREE seperate Halloween parties already! I'm welcoming October with open arms.

September Goals:

1) Clean Eating: I've been a bit disconnected on this. I keep getting what I want to do mixed up in my head. Like, is bacon "clean"? Is it too processed? Can I ingest Gu during a race? Did I fall off the wagon by eating a Cliff Block? Do I give myself a free day on my best friend's birthday? Is it better to go vegan than clean? Anyway....I'm doing better overall with my eating though I'm not sure if I succeeded at the goal.

2) P90X: Once again, not sure if picking this goal was realistic, in my best interest, or just something to put down as a goal. I've done this program in the past, and thought it was a good, well balanced exercise program. But sometimes I don't have 60 to 90 minutes for exercise a day. So I've seen using P90X as a general blueprint and supplementing with BodyRock (since I always have 12 minutes to exercise) and Crossfit/ Spartan WOD. So I'm getting back on track. I'll call it a success.

3) Journaling and Meditating Daily: Probably the best goal I've set for myself this year. I've gotten as much out of journaling and meditating as I've gotten out of running. And that's saying alot!

4) 4 more books from the bookshelf:  This month, I read The ArHit of Non-Conformity, 168 Hours, Never Good Enough, and The Shadow Effect.  A little heavy on the self-help stuff, but I am living in the healing hut, am I not?

5) Spartan Beast is complete. I am not dead.

6) Jason Mraz concert....check!

7) Wounded Warrior Weekend. It was great!

8) Solidify weekend in October to hang with Isabella. sort of. Kind of hard when your goals depend on somebody else.

9) Go to the beach as much as possible. check.

10) biking as much as possible. well...not so much.


1) High Intensity Training 31 Days.

2) Learn how to use my new computer (more on that later)

3) Continue with the Meditation and Journaling

4) Plan a kick ass Halloween costume.

5) Do the summer to fall clothing exchange

6) ANd take a big load to the thrift store

7) Try out 2 new recipes per week

8) Martha's Vineyard Century Ride without dying (without training?)

9) Go Hiking! It's that time of the year.

10) Stop neglecting this blog!

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