Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Goals

Wow! January 1st has arrived, the perfect motivation to start posting again. I was rather unmotivated in December, at least when it came to writing blog posts. This year, my tolerance for the holiday season was low. Not the holidays themselves, but the nonsense that surrounds them. I felt overwhelmed with the rampant materialism as well as with the constant barrage of pop culture cow dung.

I woke up every day with a Miley Cyrus/ Duck Dynasty hangover.

In a strange way, I felt like I'd be adding to it by blogging.

But I'm over it.

And now I'm back to do what I do best. Make lists!


1) 2 to 3 training clients: half successful. One home client with a couple more possibilities.

2) Participate in the holiday fitness challenge. check!

3) Do the Christmas Lights Run. ran.

4) Finish the Artists Way Program done!

5) Get Xmas cards sent out by December 15 sent!

6) Movie night with the girls: The Hunger Games

7)  Take my niece to Body World: didn't happen with busy schedules but planning on January

8) Find suitable apartment and move: half credit. Moving next weekend

9) Clean Eating. ugh. total fail.

10) Have a great Xmas and New Year. Celebrated!

So overall, 70%. A solid C. Not great, but not a complete failure, either.

And now, to welcome in 2014!


1)  Winter Warrior Challenge: run outside every day The local running store sponsors this challenge. All warriors need to run at least one mile outside every day in Jan. It's not the milage, its the weather!

2) Organize physical files, computer files, and emails.  Get that mailbox down to zero!

3) Put together race/ event schedule for the year

4) Post on the blog every day. Making up for lost time!

5) Girls weekend with college friends

6) Get licenses for 2 states for travel jobs

7) Go skiing with friends

8) Participate in at least 1 adaptive sport event

9) Daily journaling

10) Start downsizing!

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