Saturday, December 22, 2007


As the year is winding down, I'm going over my Xmas list one more time, neatening up, and preparing for my New Year's trip down to New Jersey to see Nicole, just like I did last year. Unlike last year, we do NOT plan on going into Manhattan on the 30th but staying in, watching Dodge Ball in our sweats on the 31st. This year, we plan on doing the exact opposite of last year.

I'm not positive it was our ill-planned New Years activities that set up the tone for 2007, but we did accidently set her hallway on fire at 10:00am January 1st, and things just went downhill from there. For us both.

This year, we are going OUT! We will see a band, eat some good food, watch some weird performance art, meet people. The only concern we have is that line on the first nite celebration web site: "alcohol-free environment". What's up with that? Are they actually going to make us sneak drinks into the festivities? If we can successfully pull it off, I'm pretty sure we can undo the curse that we apparently put on ourselves last year.

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