Friday, December 28, 2007

In all my reading and searching and contemplating, I did come across a bunch of interesting and helpful tidbits that I squirreled away in my three journals of 2007. After pouring through them, I have come up with a sort of map, if you will. A rough guide to begin the journey to me. It is inspired in equal parts by Jerusha Stewart (The Single Girl's Manifesta), Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me and 30 Days), Lynn Jericho (Innner Christmas), Beverly West and Nancy Peske (Bibliotherapy)and countless magazine article written for the terminally dissatisfied. My plan for 2008 is an ecclectic, jumbled, chaotic, idealistic, non-sensical yet sensible, attempt at achieving as much fun as possible in one year.
Each month, I will attempt to do SOMETHING for 30 days straight. Something challenging, but worthwhile (maybe not in the global sense, but at least in the personal sense). Each month I will try something I have never done before. Each month I will go on an outing (not a DATE). Or maybe, more specifically, a date with myself. Each month I'll read a book from that inner list of "books I really should read, instead of this People magazine". Each month I'll buy something for myself that I always say "no" to. (Since I am not a shopper by nature, this may actually be the most challanging task) Each month I'll be good to myself instead of agonizing and beating myself up.
It'll be interesting to see where I am at this time, next year. Will I have the need to continue blogging a journey of self discovery? Will I call it a nice experience but chose to move on? Will I even resemble the person who is writing this now?
Who can tell? But for now, I'll sign off, pack for my trip to New Jersey, and get ready for a Year of Living Sensationally!

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