Monday, July 5, 2010

July Goals

July is wonderful. I'm in love with July. I could roll around in July for the rest of eternity. So, when I was thinking about goals for July, I was thinking of play.

Playtime goals for July:

1) I think its time again for a "get rid of one thing a day" for a month

2) Finish DVD classes.

3) Six...(6) Books from the bookshelf.

4) Work out hard and totally get the back and leg in racing shape

5) Four more Snail Mail letters to friends

6) Pull out the "Project Box" and knock out Four of them

7) Have a Rollicking Good Time at our annual Summer Bash

8) Get Plans Solidified and Booked for my October trip (more on that later)

9) Girls Nite OUt

10) Journal Every Day this month

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