Friday, February 3, 2012

Cleaning Gal

Here is one of life's great truths: when your apartment AND your car both start to smell like the inside of a gym bag, it's time to cancel your plans to stay home and clean.

Here's another of life's great truths: when there is something fun to do, I NEVER cancel plans.

So today, I spent the better part of 9 hours engaged in some sort of washing, wiping, spraying, organizing, throwing away, vacuuming, plunging (unfortunately) and filing. While I consider myself a fairly clean person, I am always astounded by what an absolute PIG I am!

Like, how did I get black fingerprints all over every light switch and door? How do I manage to get crumbs in rooms I don't eat in? Why do I manage to spill just a little bit of protein shake in the car each and every day? Exactly how many pounds of hair do I shed onto the carpet and bathtub every week?

I thought if I put on a little music and just got down to business, I could have this whole clean up thing done in a matter of two hours. How wrong I was!

I wonder, am I just exceptionally good at making messes, or is everyone as disgusting as me?

Now, as I sit in my clean, well organized, un-smelly apartment, I should feel relaxed and at peace.

Instead, I'm wonder I'm still single!

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