Saturday, February 11, 2012

____________ is good.

Life is good.  It was definitely one of those days where life is very good.

Today, I spent the day on a mountain with these guys. Doing this:

Except that in the picture, it sort of looks like the instructor in the red is actually helping out a bit, whereas in my case, I was merely trying to keep up. Seriously! The people I was with today were super-crazy, fearless, and skilled lunatics on monoskis. I'm just me. (I did fix a bucket, though, so I was not completely useless) It was a great day on great snow with great people. It was time well spent.

I've been trying to focus my energy, lately, on things that matter. Things that will be time well spent. It seems like I just never have enough time to do all the things I want to do. Then, while I was at the gym, simultaneously doing intervals on the bike and reading a magazine, I came across an article that promised to help me "find an extra hour a day." An extra hour? I could certainly use that! But as I was reading this article (during my intervals) it became abundantly clear that this article was written for people who actually have lots of down time, just don't spend that time wisely.

Otherwise, why would hints like "Only check Facebook 1 or 2 times per day" find their way into the article? A day? A DAY??? Who has the time to log onto Facebook multiple times per day? I'm thinking....only check Facebook one or two times per week is more like it!

Then I thought...yeah. That's what I need to be doing. Cutting things completely out of my day that don't have a high return. That aren't really "things I want to do." That aren't time well spent.

So I cut out the TV and computer completely on weekdays. Then, I would have time for reading, and exercise, and getting my food-and-water-and-vitamins all organized for the next day, and journaling, and spending some time each day (even if its only 5 minutes) sitting in silence.

It's been good.  I feel more focused and centered and happy. I haven't missed TV at all. Facebook, I haven't missed either. Blogging, on the other hand, I missed.

Blogging has become, for me, a source of daily inspiration and direction.  From people like him (Who has even more on his plate than me, yet somehow was able to complete an Ironman. Yowza!) and her  (Who is not content just to reach each and every one of her goals, but shares tips and encouragement and daily challenges others to reach their goals, too. Seriously, she's like an online life coach!). From this southern gal.who takes risks every day in the one area of my life that I feel not only NOT COURAGEOUS, but possibly stifled. (Her blog name says it all) Or this guy   for  ignoring his fears and starting something that he is unsure about. I realized, this week, that blogging is actually time well spent.

Today, when I was driving home from New Hampshire, I couldn't wait to get home and do my daily sitting in silence. I also couldn't wait to log on and do some blogging.

Life is good. And so is blogging.

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Carolina John said...

blogging is good. thanks for the shout out!

Next weekend is the myrtle beach marathon. I haven't run more than 5 miles since my last marathon a month ago, so I am hoping it doesn't snow. Or maybe, secretly, that it will snow.