Sunday, March 25, 2012

post vacation blues

Last week, I got back from an amazing trip to Vietnam and Cambodia with a former co-worker and two of her friends. Got there, met my traveling companions, and let loose all over the country of Vietnam. It was awesome!

In addition to seeing a part of the world I have never been, this trip was great because it allowed me to get away from all the things that have been stressing me out in my everyday life and see things a little more clearly. (all really good vacations do just that, don't they)

(And really REALLY good vacations involve jumping off the roof of a boat into turquoise blue water!)

My first week back at work stressed the heck right out of me.

And once again, I'm struggling with the dilemma: do I stay and try to make things work or cut my losses and go?

But this Sunday night, I'm just basking in the memories of that blue ocean and warm sand and good fresh fruit and cold beer with new friends.

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Carolina John said...

Wow that is a really ambitious vacation. how cool! Great photo.