Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Goals

And suddenly, it's August. Summer is simultaneously flying by and meandering at a leisurely pace. I guess that's what summer is all about.

July was a good month. 31 days ago I said that I finally felt like myself again thanks to the wonderful month of June and all June has to offer. Now, I'm happy to say that July ushered in even more good changes. I feel like in July, I have made a shift to a better version of myself. Life is good.

July Goals:

Spirit: Journal Daily: check! I've been doing a lot of journaling this summer, which I think goes hand in hand with all the positive changes I've been seing in myself.

Mind: Read 4 books from the bookhelf.  I read three. not bad

Body: 30 day ab challenge. didn't do all 30 days, but 24 of 30. Good workouts. Feeling tighter!
         Continue with Green Smoothies: Green smoothies and I took a sabatical this month. I just lost steam. But I do like em. I'll have to start that up again in August.
         Food Journaling: about half. I don't know why I always have a hard time with food journaling.

Work: continuing ed class: Done! The class wasn't exactly what I had expected, but it was good nonetheless
           no more than 45 hours per week: Happily, yes. I've mananged to cut back on my overworking tendencies.

Play: take neices and nephews to the beach: It rained on our beach day so we went mini-golfing instead
        One fun race event: I somehow made it to a couple concerts but no races this month.

Adventure: yoga retreat: Check! And double check! Really good weekend contributing to a nice shift in my outlook.             
                 One camping trip: fail. Tough trying to organize something around other people's schedule.

And onto August!

1) I'm jumping full force into the Clean Eating Challenge at Run to the Finish

2) Exercise daily...both cardio and either strength or yoga

3) Meditate daily

4) Put finishing touches on my teaching presentation for work

5) Falmouth Road Race! (have fun and run well)

6) Family Reunion! (I'm supposed to bring salad. Making home made clean dressings is my challenge)

 7) 4 books from book shelf!

8) Try out 5 or 6 new recipes

9) Go bike riding, roller blading, hiking, camping, swimming, and paddleboarding. (whew)

10) Get inspired with the Olympics and Paralympics in August!!

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Carolina John said...

You've got a great plan there. Love it!