Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics and Charity

I am thoroughly enjoying the Olympics this year, especially women's gymnastics! Right aroud now is when my family and friends from childhood say "Oh, remember when you competed in gymnastics?" Yeah, I do. The gymnastics I did looks like a completely different sport than the crazy shit they do now! I'm amazed and inspired.

Which got me thinking to another flash of inspiration I had a long time ago.

Quite some time ago, I read about a person who inherited a sum of money and decided to give it all away to charity. She started a blog and featured a new charity every day for a year. I thought that was just fantastic! And though I certainly could not afford to give to charity ever single day of the year, I started to research and pick and choose charities to support and blog about.

Then life got in the way.

But life is better now. And thanks to those amazing Olympic gymnasts, I am inspired again.

Today's charity is Locks of Love.

Locks of Love is an organization that donates prosthetic hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children who suffer from medically caused hair loss. Diagnoses include alopecia areata, severe burns, skin disorders, and radiation treatments.

Donations to Locks of Love can be in the form of a monetary donation or a donation of hair. Hair must be 10 inches minimum and in a pony tail or braid. Dyed and layered hair is accepted, as well.

The cost of the wigs provided to the kids is quite high; oftentimes, hair donations that are not deemed to be quite what they are looking for are sold to offset the cost of making the wigs.

About a month ago, I sent a 16" braid to Locks of Love for my little contribution. Now I look like rock-n-roll Tinkerbell.

I think I got the better end of this deal!

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Ducky said...

That is awesome! I don't have the patience to grow my hair out nor do I think anyone would actually WANT my hair. Pretty sure even a dog would turn it down. Of course you don't often see dogs with wigs...but still...