Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paralympic Coverage

With all the political hoopla going on, the idea that America does everything better is getting thrown around a lot. And while I do think that there are some things we do better here, there are others for which we miss the mark. Quite a bit.

We do movies very well. Food, not so much. We have wonderful national parks. And the most obese population of any developed country. You get the point.

One thing we don't do well is our broadcasting of the Paralympics (or the Olympics, for that matter. What was with NBC's coverage? But that's a whole other topic) Every other nation in the world gets to see the competitions of our disabled athletes, but for some reason, US networks don't think the American public would be interested in watching.

But this year, for the first time, a small portion of the Paralympics will be broadcast on an NBC affiliate. I urge everyone to check out the Paralympic games this week on TV or on UTube.


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