Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Labor Day!! After Labor Day, I always feel like I should be going back to school somehow. (Of course, it would be easier if I had a summer vacation, but those are long gone) Starting a big project, reading new books, changing the daily routine. Something.

September has always seemed to me the start of the new year, a much better time fo resolutions than January 1st. I've been on a self improvement kick this summer (though I fully admit that August I kind of fell off the bandwagon in lieu of a little beach and pool time!) which I wish to continue into the fall. I'm thinking of September as fall semester of the school of life!


1) Restarting the Clean Eating Challenge (which I totally flopped in August) Barbeques, you know!

2) Exercise: I'm starting P90X.

3) Continuing journaling and meditating daily.

4) 4 more books from the bookshelf (IN the grand goal of downsizing, the books have proven to be the hardest and slowest to get rid of)

5) Complete the Spartan Beast without dying! (12 miles of hills and obstacles)

6) Girl's nite at Jason Mraz concert!

7) Camping, kayaking, running, biking, and fishing....all in one weekend (The Wounded Warrior Weekend)

8) Solidify weekend in October to hang with Isabella

9) Suck up as much beach time as possible before the cold weather sets in!

10) Get on the bike and train for the October century ride.

(maybe getting some Ben Gay and scheduling a massage session should be on this list!)

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