Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November

What a wild, weird, and wonderful month October was! It came in with just perfect fall weather and left with Frankenstorm! We were quite lucky here in Mass....most of the really bad weather stayed to the south and pushed the warmer air up this way. So I was able to keep my "I'm not turning on the heat until November" rule. It's Nov 1st and still warm. I may make it until November 7th or so.

Plus, all of my friends and loved ones in New York and New Jersey are safe and sound, with nothing more to contend with than a few days of darkness. So overall, its good.

November is also the month for a nice little bloggie game called "Today's reason I'm Thankful" or Today's Thanks for short. You know, like Thanksgiving every single day in November.

But first:

October Goals:

1) High Intensity Training 31 Days: half credit, I guess. I did work out every day, but expecting to work out high intensity for 31 days in a row is not realistic. Not for my body, anyway. So it was a nice little experiment in listening to my body and planning workouts with a purpose.

2) Learn How to Use the New Computer: Again half credit. I'm still getting used to the new format. I finally crossed over to the other side and got an apple. I like it a lot, but there's definitely a learning curve when transitioning from a PC.

3)  Keep Up with the Mediating and Journaling: Success on this one. Journaling in the am, meditation in the pm. Nothing clears the head more. Except maybe running.

4) Plan a Kick Ass Halloween Costume: I was cat woman. Totally cool and totally comfortable. It rocked!

5) Do the Summer to Fall Clothing Exchange: Done. (sniffle sniffle)

6) Take a Big Load to the Thrift Store: Done. ANd I'm putting together another load for November.

7) Try Out Two New Recipes per Week: Half credit. I tried out about one per week. Most of em, I admit, are pretty straightforward and simple. Mostly veggie. And all pretty tasty.

8) Martha's Vineyard Century Ride: Fail. Boo! I ended up skipping this because we did not have enough participants to warrant the number of volunteers. Plus, I had to put the top on my jeep.

9) Go Hiking: twice. Love it.

10) Stop Neglecting the blog: not as regular as I would have wished, but getting there.

And now onto November

In addition to being the month of thanks, November also is the abound with pumpkins, squash, and apples. So many more new recipes are waiting to be made!

Let's bring it on!

Lovely sunny temperate day that makes fall seem (almost) as good as summer!

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Carolina John said...

ah man, nothing is better than a fall century ride among the leaves! It's such a great time to be outdoors, I really hate that it got cancelled.