Monday, December 2, 2013

Accountability Monday

They say misery loves company. But who are "they"?

I always thought that FUN attracts a bigger crowd, any day. And as such, I have joined a couple fun holiday fitness challenges. Oh, sure, I'm positive there are those who would say a  holiday fitness challenge fits in with the first statement. But I'm not one of them. I'm having the time of my life!

And to make it seem more like a party, I've joined Amanda's link up party:



NOVEMBER 25: Run -- 4 mile intervals
                              Lift -- Legs and abs
                              Stretching -- 15 min

NOVEMBER 26: Swim -- 45 min steady state
                              Lift -- Chest and Back
                              Stretching -- 15 min

NOVEMBER 27: Eliptical 30 min
                              Flow Yoga

NOVEMBER 28: Thanksgiving Bootcamp!! (60 min)

NOVEMBER 29: Bike -- 45 min steady state
                              Lift -- Arms and Shoulders
                              Stretch -- 15 minutes

NOVEMBER 30: Bike -- 30 min intervals
                              Lift -- Legs and Abs
                              Stretch -- 15 minutes

DECEMBER 1:  Yoga  75 minutes

And today, we had the official weight in at the gym's fitness challenge. (its so hard to transition from eating like a hiker to eating like a normal person!)

Today's JOY:  The smile on a patient's face when he walked without a cane for the first time in a month.


Lori said...

Way to go! Your workouts look fantastic!!

Carolina John said...

nice routine! That's a solid schedule.