Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Goals

Doesn't December always seem like a whirlwind?  I'm hoping to actually enjoy the holiday season this year, as I have changed my work situation and am no longer working myself into the ground. But here it is, December 1, and I already feel like I'm behind!

Fortunately, I am an avid goal setter, which always (sometimes) keeps me on track!


1)  Two to three training clients. As I said, I have cut my work hours down, which gives me time to explore other areas of life. Like the personal training certification I have, which I haven't actually USED in 6 years or more. So, I'm hoping to branch out and dust off and have fun!

2) Participate in the Holiday Fitness Challenge! In addition to the online fitness challenge that I'm doing (courtesy of this gal) there is a real life fitness challenge at the gym I go to, which looks like fun. I like fun. And I like exercise. So it's right up my ally.

3) Do the Christmas Lights Run. Another fun activity. Everyone dresses up like elves or trees or snowflakes or Santa. And it gives me an excuse to use my headlamp again.

4) Finish The Artist's Way program. (and maybe post about it!)

5) Get Xmas cards sent out by December 15th.

6) Movie night with the girls.

7) Take my niece to Body World. I'm so glad she's liking science now. A few years ago she said "I hate science!" And it was like she had stabbed me right in the chest. Repeatedly. With a sharpened femur.

8) Find suitable apartment and move. Before I kill somebody. With a sharpened femur. (That would put a damper on the holiday season.)

9) Clean eating. Again.

10) Have a great Xmas and New Year!

December is the month for JOY! 
Today's Joy: Cute little girl I saw today singing.

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