Monday, October 1, 2018


 It's October first and I'm finding comfort in the idea of coming back to this blog, which has been a resting place for me over the past few years, however inconsistent.  I've been away for several months, both physically and mentally, and for several weeks completely off grid. But now I find myself back in my childhood hometown, with the prospect of staying put for a while. This idea scares the heck out of me (I've always felt more at ease while in constant motion) and in times like this, when I'm a bit scared, I always like to come back to soothing rituals and habits that make me feel more in control. So, of course, I head back to blogging and also to monthly goals.


1) Maintain a healthy eating plan for the entire month:  I've seen some weight creep up on me over the past couple years. I've been chalking it up to getting older and my metabolism slowing down, which may have some merit. But the fact remains that I eat entirely too much junk. So I'll do a bit of an experiment this month and see if it is my advancing age, or if its my continuing juvenile eating habits. 

2) Daily Writing Practice:  With my life such a whirlwind of moving and camping and traveling and going off grid, some of my most cherished daily practices went right out the window. The one I miss the most is writing. It is also the one that, strangely, was the hardest to reestablish. But now I have it as a monthly goal! So that should do it.

3) Help Dad with cleaning garage and shed and having that damn yard sale:  My parents have a bit of a hoarding problem. They are constantly talking about downsizing to a smaller house. Which will never happen if they don't start getting rid of stuff. And I! I am the decluttering queen.

4) Start teaching POUND:  POUND is just about my most favorite form of exercise that can be done indoors. I taught a class in Arizona, but haven't gotten around to teaching back east. I miss it.

5)  Sign up for spring marathon and begin training:  Yeah, that's the other thing that dropped off the radar over the past couple years; running. I sort of replaced it with long distance hiking. Which is also awesome. But there really isn't any reason I can't do both. And I'm at a point in my life (again) where I just NEED some structured high milage days to clear my head.

6)  Get involved in local club: Coming back to my childhood hometown means reuniting with lots of old friends and doing lots of activities together. It sort of also means remembering why I left in the first place. Its ok. I've come to recognize that you can love spending time people even if you share completely different interests. Its ok that I have good friends who would never go on a run or a hike or an impromptu road trip. But its nice to have friends that WOULD. So I need to specifically seek out those kind of people.

7) Get winter trips planned:  Got a couple good ones that I'm thinking of! Need to get them booked.

8) Spend Halloween with the nieces and nephews:  They are getting big. It won't be long before they don't want to dress up anymore.

9) Read and pass along 2 books: I  always, always, always have way too many books!

10) Plan Girl's nite for November: Girl's nights are important, I think. But they never happen if you don't specifically plan them. 

And October is off to a good start, I think. October is going to be great!!


Carolina John said...

You're back east? Cool! Good luck settling in. Also, I'm pretty jealous that you were able to disconnect totally for a few weeks. If you need a spring marathon, we've got plenty of good ones down here in NC.

hebba said...

I'm thinking of either Wrightsville Beach or Asheville!