Monday, October 25, 2010

No Cape, Maybe Boston

Well, despite my last minute last week's rally to try and replace my half marathon with another one (preferably on a day when my face doesn't explode in an unexplained rash) it looks like it was not meant to be. This weekend's Cape Cod Marathon does not have a half distance. And otherwise, with the cold weather starting to creep into New England, another race will involve travel. So I'm hanging it up for the season and beginning post season training (today).

Goal to drop some weight and work on strength and speed.

And...I may have an opportunity to do Boston! A fund raising venture, of course, as I am too slow to qualify. Plus, 2011's race sold out in 6 hours! So even if I did qualify, there's a good chance I couldn't get in anyhow. Living so close to the nation's oldest marathon and having been there for the party atmosphere so many times in the past, I figured I should jump on any opportunity to actually run it if I could.

Now the waiting game begins....will I get a fund raiser number?

We shall see.

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