Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March goals

Happy March! I'm not sure if it is purely psychological or if I just suffer from seasonal affective disorder, but February always gets me down. Just writing "3" at the beginning of the date today made me feel infinitely better. Plus, the sun was out today!

And on this day, the first day of the month, its time to review all the goals that I fell short of last month:

February Goals:

1) Increase water intake to 8 glasses a day: not fully. I'm still working on it. Last half of the month I reverted to diet Coke again.

2) Transition from working out to training: success! Despite last week's cold and decreased exercise, I'm well on my way to increasing milage in all three phases of the race!

3) Go on a winter hike: fail. epic fail. no winter hike. more like winter hibernation

4) Feng Shui the apartment: success. (what else was I to do when I was holed up, hibernating?) It was kind of fun, cleaning, re-organizing, and rethinking the place I live.

5) Finish 3 more books: Success! I read: "Younger", "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" (the feng shui book, and "VisionBoard".

6) 4 more snail mail letters: done. my friends will be wondering if I was somehow transported back to the 1930's!

7) Ride bike outside 2 times: yeah, no. Not even close

8) Go out to movies with J and S: that didn't happen, either. I asked and tried to plan. But J and K were even more sluggish than me last month!

9) Complete 2 more projects from the project box: ok, that was a success. Funny how the "stay at home and putter around" goals got done and the "go out and do something" goals did not.

10) Get spectacular valentine's day presents for the kiddies: done. Love giving books for gifts.

And now on to March:

1) Water intake again

2) 6-8 servings of veggies a day

3) 4 brick workouts

4) 4 books read

5) begin studying for kinesiotaping exam

6) 2 projects done

7) have a great vacation!

8) daily blog post (except for when I'm away!)

9) Go out to the movies with J and K, REALLY!

10) hang out with Nerd!

(ok, maybe they seem kind of lame. I didn't plan ahead and was just winging it. Goals subject to change)

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Amy said...

Nice variety of goals. You've inspired me to do this myself this afternoon.

I appreciate that you noted which ones you didn't quite get done. That's okay! They're goals. There is always next month! They can change!

(or at least that how I'm interpreting your methods :-) )