Sunday, February 27, 2011

More things that make me happy

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can bust out of this winter blah mode I've been in. I think seasonal affective disorder is no match for happy thoughts.... 20 of them

20 things that make me happy:

101) the Oscars. (in general I'm not a fan of award shows. But I do like the oscars)
I'm looking forward to this years because I like:

102) James Franco (I like Anne Hathaway too, but not enough to include her on the list)

103) My new tankini ( I got it super cheap at the Title 9 warehouse sale)

104) the Title 9 catalog (if I won the lottery I'd buy everything in it) as well as the:

105) Athleta catalog and:

106) REI. Basically, I'd spend my entire fortune on outdoor & athletic equipment and cute sporty clothes. Not really. I'd:

107) Travel, too. Travelling makes me very happy.

108) Dreaming about winning the lottery (and all the travelling I'd do afterward makes me happy, too. I mean, not in a dysfunctional, I don't want to take responsibility for my life kind of way, just in a daydreamy kind of way.)

109) Exercise classes. Generally, I'm a solo kind of exercise girl, but lately with my poor motivation I've been hitting some classes. The gym likes you to reserve a spot ahead of time, which I do, and that makes me go. Which is a good thing.

110) Hooded sweatshirts. (Is there any more perfect article of clothing? Its better than a LBD)

111) Ice skating I've been a couple times this year with my neice and nephew. I'd forgotten how much I like it

112) Soup Been eating alot of soup lately b/c of my cold. It's good.

113) Packing for a trip (it involves two of my other favorite things: lists and travel!)

114) Sun dresses They are cute. And I look good in them!

115) Mark Wahlberg I wasn't a fan back when he was Markie Mark. But I like him now. Especially when he has no shirt on!)

116) Collages

117) Ridiculous midnight drunken texts

118) When my friend calls and says she's in love. That makes me so happy.

119) When (other) friends take a risk.

120) And I have the chance to support them in that risk.

I feel happier already. How bout you?

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Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, a shared love of all things REI. If you ever journey west, we must hang...