Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Goals

Can it be December already? I feel like I was just at the beach! least my sidebar (which I haven't been able to alter for some reason) is now appropriate. I've had a December quote up for a year now!

December 1st... when we can start opening the little doors on the advent calendar, listening to the Nutcracker Suite music, and frantically trying to get the holiday shopping done. And reviewing the goals :)

November Goals:

1) Stick to Marathon Training Plan: more or less. I'm running. I've done all the long runs. The shorter runs and speed workouts have sometimes taken a back seat to other pressing issues, but I feel like I'm where I should be.

2) Start Weight Training Again: Not as regularly as I should, but better than before.

3) Journal Daily: About half credit. It's amazing how much better I feel on the days I journal!

4) Eat Clean: Ok, this is a big fat fail. Def not clean this month. Yet I'm feeling and looking better than over the summer. I guess stress really does have a lot to do with weight, eh? But then again, so does EATING! So we'll be revisiting this next month...

5) Read and get rid of 5 books this month: Let's give a big WHOOP-WHOOP for my first complete pass! This month, I read A Discovery of Witches, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Thrive, Finding Happiness in the Blue Zones, Cocktails for Three, and Where is the Mango Princess? Gave em away, too. So there's that.

6) Turn in my recert info...done and done!

7) And my kinesiotape certification stuff...not done and not done!

8) Book my plane tix for upcoming trips: check times two!

9) Get rid of DVDs: no...just didn't get around to it.

10) Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily: oh, half credit.

So all in all, for my first month back to goal setting I got about half credit. Not great, but not bad either. A good warm-up, if you will. Preparation for new years!

December Goals:

1) Continue with Marathon Training and Weights 3x/week

2) Eat Clean-er

3) Get rid of 5 books (again) 2 of them reference books: I was noticing last month that I have an awful lot of reference-y type books. Some work reference and some life reference. These tend to be books that I don't even consider getting rid of. Even though many I haven't used them in years and will probably never use them again. So I'm focusing on that now.

4) Do the kinesiotape cert this month

5) Get rid of 5 DVDs

6) Increase water intake to 8 glasses per day

7) Finish and turn in advanced clinician application for work

8) Decorate the new apartment in an hap-hap-happy holiday way!

9) Treat all the December activities: the cards, the decorating, the gift buying, the obligatory get togethers.... as treats, not obligations.

10) Wrap everything green Not the color green! Just in recycled bags and wrapping. Started trying to do this a few years ago. Harder than you'd think!


11/29: seriously fighting a cold! came home and showered and mega-dosed with zinc and vit C and soup and tea and bed: 0 points
11/30: Cardio blast: 6 points
12/1: still fighting that cold! 0 points again :(

on 11/29 I was Thankful for:
a good presentation at work
on 11/30 I was Thankful for:

December's theme: joyful! (closely related to Thankful but subtly different. For instance, I would be thankful for my cute nephew, but a joyful moment would be when he smiled at me. See? Subtly different! And in a different color.)

Dec 1st joy:
Pulling on my new fleece for the first time. So soft!

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Carolina John said...

The internet contains the contents of every reference book ever made. We've started letting the kids play with our paper dictionaries and others. Don't need them anymore.

Have a great december!