Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Goals

December arrived cloudy and cold with the hint of snow in the air. Yes, I guess that's what December is all about.

 It's nice to have the first day of the month on the weekend, when you have as much time to do things right. I woke up, had some green tea, a green smoothie, and a big glass of water while I journaled. Then, I cleaned up in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, added a couple things to the ever-present donation bag, and went to the gym.

 I met my brother and sister in law at the mall for lunch and idea shopping for the kids (probably the biggest mistake of the day - going to the mall in December!) and met my best bud, J, for dinner and a movie at her place (second biggest mistake of the day, letting her Dad make the selection from Redbox. Bad movie!)

Couldn't ask for a better first day of the month.

And now, I get to set goals and make a list. Two of my greatest joys in life! (That's a rather sad truth)

November Goals:

1) Get all financial online accounts set into one spot. Done. It's nice to not have to keep clicking into different folders stored all over the place.

2) Have Xmas Shopping 3/4 done. I'm gonna say success on this one. I'm not certain if I'm half way or 2/4 done, but close enough! (Plus, I just free-cycled a trade with a friend for a gift tonite.)

3) 7 or more servings of veggies per day. Half credit. I'm really either ON or OFF. Either totally good with eating and then I swing to junk food junkie. Then totally healthy. Huh.

4) Begin training program for next big adventure. Check! Can't wait to unveil this one.

5) Pare down 4 more books. Done!

6) Plan craft activity for kids on Thanksgiving. Change of T-day no. Maybe for Xmas.

7) Clean out storage area: Half done.

8) Girls' nite out with J and Shell: Done! Shell is such a Twi-hard that we had to go see Twilight.

9) 1 new recipe a week: Done. Perhaps someday I'll actually comment on new recipes here!

10) Get car winterized: Fail. Not yet. Gotta make that appointment tomorrow.

And now onto December Goals:

1) Journal and Meditate Daily 

2) Green it up: green smoothie, green juice, and green tea daily

3) Exercise 31 times in 31 days

4) Make a kick ass vegan entree for the Xmas pot luck at work I'm thinking of roasted brussel sprouts and kale with cranberry. Not 100% sure yet, though

5) Replace my lunch plate for work My old one was swept up in a gust of wind and smashed on the ground. Which is weird, because it's plastic. But I've been bad and using styrofoam of late

6) Go in to see the Xmas lights in Boston and in New York!

7) Pare down 5 books from shelf

8) Decorate this little apartment like I had a visit from Elf!

9) 3 group runs (all bundled up!)

10) Take lots of pictures. And organize the ones I have on the computer. 

Today's Joy:
Hanging with my niece and nephews who are just about the cutest things in the universe!

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