Friday, December 21, 2012



This time of year, it seems like there are so many "beginnings". So many times to re-invent yourself, so many times to vow to be a better person, lead a better life, make a bigger difference. It starts for me with my birthday, which is in December, followed by solstice, Christmas, and then new years. The shortest day of the year seems to be the greatest of the transitions, to me.

I always try to take some time to reflect upon the past year on December 21st, maybe light a candle, do some journaling, drink some tea, and sit and reflect some more. Not a bad ritual to do weekly, on Sunday morning; but even more so on the shortest day of the year.

End-of-Days hype aside (though it was kind of fun to bring aluminum foil hats to my coworkers) 2012 really did feel like the end of an era to me. I did a lot of house cleaning, both literally and figuratively this year. I made some decisions, set some goals, wrote out some plans. And, of course, made my beloved lists. 

Now, I am sitting in anticipation. So many things I want to be doing RIGHT NOW. So many things I wish to begin. Yet so many things I still have to take care of before it's time to begin. 

On solstice, I sit here and drink my tea with my big plans for the future, my reflections of the recent past, and I try to enjoy the now on the shortest day of the year.

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lclarey said...

Happy Solstice, Heather.
Have you read Another artist-wayer