Saturday, November 30, 2013

November Goals

November crept on by while I was busy doing other things, you could say. I had such great intentions of posting every day and doing the daily gratitude thing, but between job hunting, apartment hunting, getting my recertification thing completed, and (sadly) trekking to the other side of the state twice for illnesses and funerals, The end of November is suddenly here. And its almost Christmas. Wow.

And then there were those goals What did I write down again?

I think I'm once again hitting about half.


1) Get ATP certification completed and sent in. Just under the wire! That took a long time...about 30 hours of work on that application. Jeez! But...done!

2) Do four fun outdoor activities...hike, long bike, check out fitness park, and fun run. 3 out of 4! (still have no place to store the bike. Hence, the apartment search)

3) Next four weeks of The Artists Way. Done. But no posts. In life, if you don't write a blog post about it, did you not really do it?

4) Knock one more state off the high point list. Fail. Just didn't get around to it.

5) Begin making some homemade Xmas presents. Begun!

6) Exercise all 30 days in November. 29 days. I'm gonna call that a success. Since the one day I took off, I was sore as all get out and sometimes you need a rest day!

7) Clean eating 25 of 30 days. Meh. Maybe 19 or 20 days. half credit.

8) Journaling 30 of 30 days in November. 25 days.

9) Girl's nite with J and K. Argh! Again, no. Stupid kids and their school activities interfering with my goals!

10) Make a yummy dish for Thanksgiving. Done!  A yummy cranberry-apple chutney courtesy of this chippy. 

And now on to December!

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