Sunday, February 9, 2014

Oh, Sundays...

Sundays have become one of my favorite, if not my favorite day of the week.

Over the past few weeks, I have fallen into a regular Sunday routine. It started a couple months ago, when I went to the gym. I overheard another gym-goer as she came out of the group exercise room. "That's how I get my prayer in on Sunday. First I dance to celebrate life in Zumba, then I reflect, stretch myself, and become quiet for a while in yoga." I was immediately sold.

So Sunday mornings find me in the gym, doing Zumba and yoga, followed by a nice walk down by the water. Sundays are also the day I go grocery shopping. My current apartment is only a couple blocks from the grocery store, so I can sneak in a little more walking and outdoor time to and from grocery shopping. I've been spending Sunday afternoons in the kitchen, chopping, boiling, cooking, and assembling the meals for the week. (I tend to be a grab and go kind of girl during the week) It doesn't completely guarantee that I'll stay clear of junk food, but its something!

Once the meals are taken care of, I pull out my day planner and review any uncompleted tasks from last week, finish up what I can, and schedule the week to come. Since I'm working a couple different jobs right now, each week looks different. It's kind of nice. Keeps me on my toes. I really need to keep that day planner up to date!

I've also tried to set aside time each Sunday to get a little reading in. I have been pretty on track with downsizing my giant book collection this year, which means I'm reading quite a bit. It's a little luxury to put aside 30 to 60 minutes on a Sunday afternoon to read.

Sunday late afternoon, early evening are just about the only time when my nieces are consistently home. So I've tried to make a point of going over to see my nieces. My sister in law has recently been trying to treat some health problems in a more natural way, so we have been trying out some new recipes together on Sunday afternoons. This week, it was roasted winter vegetables. Next week we are trying a gluten free pizza crust recipe. (Since transitioning to gluten free, her sinus issues have cleared up significantly) Plus, I am always saddled with the task of proof reading term papers. Its a job I love!!

And then, Sunday night is for plowing throughout the Nextflix queue (or for the next two weeks, watching the Olympics)

Productive and restful all rolled up into one. Sundays are great.

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Carolina John said...

I am loving the olympics too! Such fun this year, and I also enjoy laughing at the russians (half filled stands, no medals, tee hee) - it's a guilty pleasure.

That sounds like quite a fulfilling sunday routine. Good call.