Sunday, March 9, 2014

March Addictions


I have noticed, time and time again, that blog posts tend to repeat in a cycle. I'm not talking about having a posting schedule where you do certain kinds of posts at certain times of the week or month. I mean that during certain times of the year, I (and others, I suppose) fall into particular moods or mindsets. And the pattern continues as the year progresses.

Take, for instance, my addictions for March. I'm pretty sure if I scrolled back to addictions of Marches past (which I could totally do, I'm just too lazy, so I will continue to speak of it hypothetically) I would find the exact same addictions. Which would be slightly different from February's, and very different from Augusts. It's just that time of the yearly cycle to be addicted to:

1)  TEA

I like a nice cup of tea any time of the year, be it of the hot or iced variety. But I'm positively swimming in it at the moment!


This weekend, we had our first real thaw. Temps were in the high 40's and the sun was shining. Everyone was out, walking around, in a good mood, saying hi to everyone else as if we all lived in a Disney movie. But then the sun went down. And it was time to wrap up in fleece once again.

Today alone, I have worn, at some point, fleece socks, fleece PJ's, a fleece bathrobe, a fleece jacket, and a fleece hat. I'm under a fleece blanket as I write. Spring cannot be here soon enough!


The TV show, not the lifestyle. Parenthood the movie, upon which the TV show is based, is one of my most favorite movies of all time. It has a great cast, is extremely well written, and makes me laugh and cry each and every time I see it. I was pretty skeptical when I heard there was a TV show. I stand corrected and converted. I have been streaming back to back episodes courtesy of Netflix and just like the movie, I find myself both laughing and crying underneath all my fleece.


I've been on a huge spinach kick lately. Spinach in my smoothies, my salads, my lasagna, and sometimes all by itself. Yummy!


I'm generally a run, bike, and swim kinda gal, with independent weight lifting thrown in there for good measure. But after my February slump and my overall winter blahs, I needed something to motivate me to work at the gym. Enter group power. Cardio, weight lifting, and a little dancing to classic rock all rolled into one. What's not to like?


Carolina John said...

awwwww, your first thaw. We had 80* and sunshine yesterday in Raleigh NC.

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