Monday, March 3, 2014

March Goals

March is funny: the past three days, everybody is talking about how "spring is coming." And technically, they are right. The first day of spring is on March 22, and daylight savings time is this coming Sunday. Technically, they ARE right.

But in reality, this is New England. No matter what the calendar says, step outside and its winter. Every single year, during the April snowstorm, everybody acts as if it's some kind of natural disaster. Like we didn't have a snowstorm last April. Or we won't have one next April. We will. It's New England. Spring comes in May.

Regardless, I still feel like March is the month to get moving! After the February slump, it's time to do double time to be prepared for race season (or hiking season, as it were). March is the month to really set some goals!


1) Make the move. Preferably somewhere south. Where spring comes in April.

2) Exercise daily. And get my butt back in the pool. I've been slacking on swimming!

3) Pick a big race and register already! I tend to be very deadline motivated. No deadline, no motivation!

4) Take the downsizing up a notch: sell off the furniture.

5) And speaking of hard to get rid of stuff: 6 more books read and given away.

6) Eliminate the junk food. Did I mention I've been eating not only comfort food but junk? A lot of it. I got some healthy snacks and a bunch of snack sized zip locks to carry them in. (I seriously need to buy stock in Zip Lock!) Now to implement!

7) Another girl's nite!

8) Get taxes done!

9) Complete online class

10) One long snowy hike!


Carolina John said...

I want more details on this move potentially south. You know Raleigh is the coolest place to be, right? Tons of work and lots of cool people and things to do. And, if that wasn't enough, the NC State track team will be running in March or April. Imagine a pack of 20 year old shirtless hardbodies running towards you. I've seen them from my kitchen window before.

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