Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December Goals

Last month of the year, and I'm only 5 days behind!  Actually, I'm not behind. I just had to have a couple horizontal days to stave off really getting sick. It worked, thankfully. And now I can sit down in front of a keyboard without feeling like I'm drifting off into space.

So now I need to get down to earth.

December Goals: 

1) At least 8 glasses of water a day: This really should be automatic by this point in my life. But sometimes when I get stressed, I drink Diet Coke like a meth addict inhaling fumes. Time to start chugging more healthy.

2) All State Licenses Renewed: A must complete goal!

3) 3 Books Read and Passed Along: I was successful with 2 books last month, upping it to 3 now.

4) Once Again, Girl's Nite: Gonna try to include some more people this time!

5) Continue with the Marathon Training and Stretching: Keep up the momentum

6) 30 Day Burpee Challenge: I somehow let somebody convince me to do 1000 burpees this month for some kind of challenge. Doable, but those two horizontal days already messed up my numbers!

7) 2 Group Hikes

8) Start Selling Decluttered Items

9) All Xmas Cards sent out!

10)  Kids Day over their Xmas Vacation


me said...

What are burpees? Your goals have inspired me to set some - at the very least to make sure I'm drinking enough water. I'm constantly dehydrated!!

me said...

I just realized I set my profile to anonymous but I'm over at the blog . That reminds me, I need to blog more too. 2019, here we come!