Monday, December 10, 2018

The Revival of "Adventures in Grooming"

Several years ago, when I was a much more regular blogger, I had several categories of blog posts. (Yeah! That's how often I posted. I needed separate categories) But today, for some reason, I was thinking about a category of posts I had long ago called "Adventures in Grooming".

The general gist of it was that I am an absolute slob and have no idea how to doll myself up or even how to complete everyday personal grooming tasks that other people do on  daily basis. (really? full makeup every single morning? ) And though the other general gist of the posts was that I was going to try to be a normal person who engaged in activities like waxing my eyebrows, I quickly decided that I enjoyed running around like she-wolf and dropped both the home spa experiments and the blog post category.

I somehow was able to blend in with normal people in society without changing my ways.

But now, I'm closing in on a BIG birthday in 2019. And I'm setting some big time goals (even bigger than my monthly blog goals). I'm striving to feel good and look good and be the picture of health. I've kind of wrapped my head around the idea that maybe part of looking good is putting a bit of effort into it. And though I still kind of like the idea that I put zero effort into my appearance. I'm willing to try some changes.

And so it begins.....

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Carolina John said...

pics or you're not a werewolf