Thursday, January 24, 2008

My ipod might be dead!

I got home last nite and when I was cleaning out my gym bag, I noticed that I was missing both my ipod and ONE shoe. How the hell does that happen? Anyway, I was able to locate both in the gym lost and found box this morning. The shoe was okay. The ipod not so much.

Instead of a happy little apple logo, it has a deceased ipod icon, with a sad face and XX's for eyes. Plus, it told me to call or go on the apple help site. I opted to just plug it into the wall, with the hopes that a good charge will just magically fix things.

I have a 20 mile run on Saturday! My old MP3 still works, but it only holds about 20 songs. That will not nearly be enough. Oh, I just may go cry myself to sleep.

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