Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Week two, and looking better and better...sort of. I had so hoped to post more, maybe daily, with my thoughts and bits of quirky wisdom, but that has just not happened. Also not happening, the guitar strumming. I thought I was past it, always thinking of my ex every time I picked up the guitar. But over the past week, I just got so sad every time I started finger picking or strumming. It just didn't seem worth it. I've been focusing so much on moving on and fostering happiness, not strumming for strumming's sake. Maybe next week will be better.

Exercise, on the other hand, looks great. I've made it, if not to the gym, at least to the TV with a yoga video every day of the week. I completed my 18 mile training run on Sunday (50 degree weather in January, how can you beat that?) without stopping. Which, of course, necessitated the yoga on Monday and Tuesday. And in conjunction with the "stop the holiday food orgy" plan, I've actually dropped 2 pounds in the last 2 weeks. Maybe if I keep it up for another 10 weeks, I can make it back to pre-holiday stats.

I found the smaller, closer, library branch in an old bank building. It's rather odd to see a drive through station and an empty ATM vestibule at the library. But I think in finding it, I also found my newest favorite little haunt. Its ridiculously old fashioned and lacking in any number of subjects you would expect to find in a library, but it's quaint and homey and super friendly inside. Plus, it had the one copy of Wuthering Heights sitting nicely on the shelf waiting for me. Plus a couple other non related books that I had to leave with.

My online class started today. Looks like I know a little more than I thought I did, because lesson one seemed so incredibly basic to me that I almost thought it was a complete waste of money. On second thought, the first lesson is to ease you into the hard stuff. So I will keep at it.

Lastly, the search for the going out top. Still not a success, but at least last weekend I found a couple articles of clothing that FIT, even if they did not suit my purposes and were not purchased. Jeez! Shopping is hard work!

Two steps closer, and feeling fine. Looking forward to more frequent and more funny posts. And happy that in 2008, I'm at a much different place that I was last year at this time.

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