Saturday, July 26, 2008


Oh, to be back in contact with the world! It turns out that router problem was way more than we originally bargained for. So now, 20 days and one new internet provider later, we are all back on line and cleaning out the in-boxes.

What's more is that I lost my cell phone last week. I know exactly where I lost it, too. Unfortunately, it was ON A BUS and the only thing I could do was wait until somebody turned it in. It would've made things a lot easier if the bus station actually picked up a phone when somebody called. Its not like I have tons of extra time during the day or like I work at a desk where I can work while the phone just dials by itself in the background set to speaker phone. No, I have to wait for breaks between patients and that only happens if somebody no-shows. (not cancells, as the cancelled spot will be filled with another patient. It seems we have started running outpatient clinics like airlines with standby lists. But that is a story for another day.)

Anyway, when I finally did get thru to somebody, she told me that I was welcome to come in and look in the lost and found box. She wouldn't look in the lost and found box for me and let me know if a red cell phone with a big "peace love and happiness" sticker on it was in that box. Way too common a found item, I suppose? I would have to come down to the bus station as look myself.

I asked her for the street address, since the website for the bus station did not have it listed.

"Well, I could give you the street address, but we are not actually located there, so it wouldn't do you any good."

"Ok", I replied, "Could you give me directions to the bus station? I'm coming from off-cape."

"Oh, we are right in Hyannis", she said. "You can't miss it. Its the building with weathered gray shingles and white trim."

You don't say? On Cape Cod? That building should just jump right out at me!

"All right. Let's say I'm not familiar with Hyannis. I would come down Route 6 and get off Exit 6 and then I would go where?"

"Well," she said, "You could get off exit 5 or exit. Whichever. All depends on how you want to go."

"How about you just give me the street address? Even if the building isn't located there. Would that be ok?"

The good news is, my phone was turned in 4 days later so I only had to make the trip there 4 times.

Oh, to be back on the radar...

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