Sunday, July 6, 2008


So my wireless card has been fighting with the router for the first few days of July, which has meant a reprive from doing anything whatsoever on the computer. When I finally fixed the problem, I had approxomately 400,000 emails waiting for me; 399,975 of them junk mail. Oh well.

It also gave me an oppotunity to think about exactly what the hell I should be striving for in July. I must admit, I'm starting to lose steam. What exactly am I striving for? I don't feel as if I have changed for the better or the worse at all since January. And furthermore, this whole blog thing just may be an ode to mediocrity and boredom. But then again, that just may be the stomache bug that has plagued me all of this July 4th long weekend talking.

I had thought about for my 30 day thing: sleeping outside for 30 days. (tent optional) The mosquitos are insane this year, though. Not just in their sheer number, but in their level of aggression. I fear that I may be one giant itching pustule come August. So instead, I decided that I need to (1) exercise outside every day. Starting tomorrow. Since I needed to stay in close proximity to a bathroom this weekend.

(2) I will GO SURFING! technically, I've done this before. But I sucked. So I will try to surf non-suckily

(3) I just got a whole list of summery reads courtesy of Jen Lancaster's blog, so I am going to be easy and breezy and read one of those. Whichever I can find most easily.

(4) I am going to buy...a new bike. Yeah, I like triathlons that much.

(5) I am going to go to a bar on the beach (either in Cape Cod or Virginia Beach, or both) and look cute till somebody buys me a drink. Good goal. I just may turn back into myself aged 26!

(6) and yeah, I am going to both dive into the craft pile and dust off the guitar. Enough is enough. And July is enough.

Have I mentioned that when I'm not riddled with a horrible GI , I LOVE summer? Just checking.

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