Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Goals

Where did April go? It seemed to fly by, and now here it is May. (and a much more temperate and lovely May than last year, I might add. I went to the beach today. The sun was hot. The air was warm. The water was freezing.)

Anyhow, with me having a difficult time remembering what the heck I did, exactly, in April, it's no wonder that my goals were kind of...kicked by the wayside, you could say? Anyway....


1) Rehab my back. This really was the most important goal in April, wasn't it. And happily, I was successful. I can sleep. I can sit long enough to compose an email or blog post without undue agony. I can sit on a toilet. (TMI??) And as of this week, I can ride a bike and run without feeling like a steamroller ran me over the next day. My right leg, however, is atrophied almost beyond recognition and is a full 1/2 inch smaller in diameter than my left. So my goal for May? Rehab the leg. *sigh*

2) Six to Eight servings of veggies a day. despite the juicing frenzy, this was a fail. I have to admit, with the limited running and biking, I got a little down and started eating a lot of junk. (I was completely un-beach-ready today. Pasty and doughy is not a pretty sight. Fortunately for me, I was not the pastiest nor the doughiest on the beach.) But I still gotta get my sh*t together.

3) Trunk Stabilization exercises every day this month. success! (See #1 above)

4) Six to Eight glasses of water a day Fail. (see #2 above)

5) Back to journaling. Gratitude and events half credit.

6) Get roth IRA all set up. success

7) Increase 403 B contributions. success

8) go out twice this month success. See #2 above. And now think: pasty, doughy, and hung over.

9) Spring Cleaning done: not yet.

10) DVD classes done: no.

So now, as May falls on me and June -- real beach season-- fast approaches. I'm going to recycle some of April's fails and try to move forward, as well.


1) Rehab the leg! I want to be able to do 25 single leg squats without pain on the right leg before I even think about racing. My knee is still pretty unstable. I can do 3 now. I could do none on Monday, so that's promising.

2) I'm going with an "eat clean" diet plan this month. I want to lose 4 pounds of pasty dough.

3) Spring cleaning and summer clothes switch.

4) DVD classes done.

5) Journaling every day this month.

6) Working on increasing referrals to my clinic by 2 per month

7) Get back to letter writing (I'm old fashioned that way. Plus, I love getting stuff in the mail. ) goal is for 4 in May.

8) Go on 2 group training bike rides this month

9) Dust off that guitar and start strumming again.

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