Thursday, May 27, 2010

strange dreams

I've been having strange, vivid dreams lately. Disturbing dreams. Dreams about things I would never do in real life. Dreams that make me really really happy when I wake up to learn that it was just a dream.

The other night, I dreamed that I was going kayaking with some friends from work. We unloaded the kayaks and parked the cars and we noticed that this guy down by the shore hadn't moved the entire time we were preparing for our trip. He was sitting in his own kayak, kind of slumped down like he was basking in the early morning sun. He had big giant sunglasses and a floppy bucket hat on. We decided to go down and talk to him just to make sure he was ok.

He was not ok. He was dead. We came upon a dead guy in a kayak early Saturday morning on our way to a nice work related kayaking trip. How much does that suck?

Anyway, here's where it gets weird. Instead of -- oh, I don't know, calling the police? Or grabbing our kayaks and getting the heck out of there. Or... throwing up on the beach? --- we decided to dispose of the body.

Why would we do this? Why would I run back to my jeep to get the blanket that I keep in the back seat that has THE NAME OF THE PLACE I WORK ON IT to roll up some strangers dead body? Why would we debate the pros and cons of burying versus sinking in the pond? Why would we weight the body down and paddle out in the middle of the pond and drop it in? Why? Why?

I sure as hell did all of this without batting an eye in my dream. Like it was a perfectly normal way to spend a Saturday morning with my co-workers.

And then --- THEN --- we found what we figured was the dead guy's car. And I left some kind of incriminating evidence that pointed to a girl I went to junior high school with. (I don't remember what it was exactly. It may have been a note with her name signed to it.) I was friends with this girl in junior high. I mean, we pretty much lost contact after junior high so we couldn't have been that great of friends, but we were in all the same classes together and got along well in our pre-pubescent years. So why would I do this to her?

I sure as well did that without thinking twice in my dream. Like there was nothing wrong with implicating a completely innocent person for murder.

Well, she went to jail in my dream. And I briefly debated going to the police to let them know that I left the note as a joke. But then I decided that I'd rather go on another kayaking excursion.

The end.

Maybe I have an evil twin personality who takes over after the sun goes down.

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adventure grrl said...

Love this entry. FYI, I'm back to blogging again. Come check me out and I can't wait to catch up on all your writing.