Monday, May 17, 2010

The pollen question

This year, we are enjoying the best New England spring in...well, possibly in the history of mankind. Usually rainy, cloudy and raw, spring this year has been what the rest of mankind thinks of when they hear "spring": sunny, temperate, comfortable and full of flowers. The one drawback to this weather utopia has been the abundance of pollen. The weatherman listed no fewer than 8 species of trees that were spewing forth pollen now. (not species...phylum? class? order? clique? Who is fluent in seventh grade biology and can help me out, here?) (Oh, and I'm sure "spewing" isn't the correct term, either.) But I digress...

The real purpose of this post isn't to prove how I eschew all other sciences in favor of anatomy and's to talk about the pollen. And how it's covering everything in my apartment in a thick yellow dusty film.

Naturally, I decided to spend a little more time than usual in my dusting routine. Imagine my surprise when I learned that in spite of our beautiful spring, pollen has been surpassed as my dusting nemesis by...HAIR!

How can I possibly lose that much hair each and every week and not end up bald a cue ball? Is it even mine? Because frankly, the magical love loft looks like Chewbacca has been breaking in with a few of his friends and staging some kind of wookie dance off while I'm at work every day!

I may have to invest in some motion activated surveillance equipment.

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Anonymous said...

As someone who's been deathly allergic of just about all pollens for most of his life, I'm just jealous that you're biggest complaint is about the fact you have to dust it! LOL