Tuesday, August 31, 2010

its like back to school

This week, I decided to treat my life like it was back to school time. First day of the new semester, first day of classes. And though I didn't actually have a summer vacation to return from, I did have a student starting this week, so it kind of is the first day of a new semester.

Just like back to school, when you had a million things going on: get in, get all your stuff moved into the dorm, go to the book store and get all your books and supplies, catch up with all your friends, and vow to stay on top of all your classes. I got a million things going on. I'm planning an informal reunion with some college friends, a work outing at the Life is Good concert, and a big girlfriend trip in October. I have three more sprint tri's before the end of the season (I'm hoping Hurricane Earl doesn't cancell this weekend's) and a half marathon in October. I have two work projects and a new student.

But during back to school, nobody is overwhelmed at the prospect of all the work. Everyone is excited and eager to get started and optomistic about the outcome. Which is what I decided to be.

So I'm attacking all the projects with an optomistic attitude. I'm striving for a PR in the half marathon inspired by this girl and this guy I've jumped whole heartedly into a dieting and exercise overhaul. (no more skipping a workout to sit at home and eat ice cream for me!)

September is usually a good month. I know it will be this year!

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lclarey said...

I'm happy you're back! Been checking everyday for a month. Missed you.