Friday, September 3, 2010

book report

I just finished a book that I picked up from the bargain section of the bookstore. I always have mixed feelings about the bargain section. On the one hand, I love a bargain. On the other hand, I always feel bad for the authors of the books that land in the bargain section.

But then again, I often come across books and authors that I otherwise would never have discovered. Occasionally, I end up thinking, "And the bargain section is the only place your work SHOULD be" (I'm sorry, was that snarky?) But often, I finish the book and I'm pleased to have discovered a great work by a great writer. And vow to buy something from this author from the NON bargain section.

This was one of those books.

The Book of Lies, by Brad Meltzer is a fast paced, keep you guessing thriller in the same vein as The DaVinci Code or Angels and Demons. Only instead of rushing around Paris or Rome pursued by Freemasons or people from that weird sect of catholocism that Mel Gibson belongs to, the protagonist in this book is rushing around....Cleveland....pursued by ....agents from homeland security....trying to deicpher a code hidden in .....superman comics. (Put that way, it sounds rather ridiculous) But it really is a good read.

I read this book on the beach, and it's a great beach book. Or a great before bed book. It kept me interested enough to wonder what was going on with the characters. But the chapters were written in such a way that I felt ok putting the book down at the end of a chapter. I was never tempted to stay up all night to finish the entire book. Not because it wasn't interesting. More so, I think, because the author was thoughtful enough to realize that sometimes readers want to unwind with a chapter or two and then get enough rest to function at work the next day!

My other thought was: why haven't I heard of this Brad Meltzer guy before? You'd think that his stuff would be more popular. Turns out, he's actually a pretty successful writer and he's written several best sellers as well as writing for television (Jack and Bobby). So I didn't feel AS bad about the bargain section thing. At least he wasn't existing on ramen noodles in a rat infested apartment somewhere while I picked up his work for $3.99.

One more thing-- (maybe the best part of this whole book experience) -- he started an organization as a result of the research for this book.

So it was multi layer experience of goodness.

Go to the bargain section of your bookstore and pick it up. You'll like it!

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