Friday, September 17, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday

Totally stole this idea from Lacey just because I thought if was fun. Go over and check out her answers, too. (Then you can compare and contrast cute little Southern gal and Cranky ol' New England gal!)

When I get a day to myself, I like to:
Get outside and do something! Nothing I like better than going to the beach, biking, hiking, running, or just lying in the sun with a book for those days when the dogs are barking! Oh, the good weather days are growing short. Soon I'll be bundled in fleece for my outdoor days off. sigh.

High School Was:
Hard. Stressful. Something I couldn't wait to end. (I went to one of those all girl's college prep schools, which will do alot to explain the above adjectives.) On the other hand, I think I'd be MORE uptight now if I didn't get that nonsense out of my system in high school!

A little dream I have is:
To complete a half ironman. Without walking. Or dying.

A big dream I have is:
To travel the entire world. I'll be one step closer to that goal next month. (I'm going to Italy!)

If I could drive any car it would be:
A jeep, of course! Though I wish they were a little more environmentally friendly. (I'm pretty positive a hybrid jeep will never be a reality) Oh, but the wind in my hair with the top off! And the freedom to go anywhere in any kind of weather thanks to the four wheel drive. I think if I could BE any car I would be a jeep.

A time that I felt really and truly beautiful was:
This time several years ago when I met my then-boyfriend in King's Canyon for a camping trip. (we were living far apart and the park was in the middle) I was hot and sweaty and disgusting in dusty, ripped jean cutoffs and an old t-shirt. Plus, I had just chopped 10 inches off my hair 'cause the air conditioning in my building didn't work and I couldn't take that fur coat on my neck and shoulders anymore. So, no, I wasn't feeling particularly beautiful. Until said boyfriend arrived and saw me with my short hair for the first time. The way his face lit up and the way he said "Wow!" made me feel like I just won Ms. America or something.

Tomorrow I will:
Drive out to the Big E for a reunion with the gals I went to college with.

Have a good weekend, all!

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