Sunday, February 6, 2011

20 things that make me happy

On this lovely Sunday, I'm happy. Here's 20 more reasons why:

81) The Superbowl
82) the half time show
83) the Superbowl commercials (so far, the Star Wars and the border guard Coke ones are my favorites)
84) Superbowl parties. (I'm not at one this year, but I still like em)
85) Jack La lane. (Though I always questioned his fashion sense in those jumpsuits, I never questioned his fitness advice. I thought he'd live forever)
86) brick workouts (I know I'm a dork. But they make me happy. During and after)
87) The show Glee (I watched a Glee marathon yesterday and loved it)
88) Shutting my phone off so nobody can text me
89) Turning down plans and not feeling bad about it (do I sound like a hermit?)
90) Girl Scout cookies
91) when my skinny jeans are loose :)
92) even though I've been eating Nutella all weekend
93) brussels sprouts
94) wrapping gifts (in recycled materials)
95) the heart shaped stone I have in my jacket pocket to rub when I'm bored or worried
96) scented candles
97) Apolo Ohno (he's my celebrity boyfriend. he's in a new Oreo commercial. it makes me happy)
98) Vega Whole Food Optimizer Shakes (they are delicious!)
99) the new pool I joined this weekend (so much nicer than the old pool I was going to at the high school)
100) my new bathing suit for lap swimming. (my other one literally disintegrated)


Anonymous said...

Brussels sprouts make you happy? Man, I wish you'd been my sister when I was a kid; you could have had ALL of mine!

hebba said...

I did not like brussels sprouts when I was a kid. But I love them now! (I have always loved broccoli and was teased relentlessly in kindergarten when I named broccoli as my favorite food in circle time)