Saturday, February 26, 2011

Charity and whining

Even though I began last week with lots of enthusiasm to post and exercise and work like crazy, things fizzled. I was fighting a cold all week and I decided to just go with it and rest. I didn't want a repeat of last December with the month long cold that turned into bronchitis and laryngitis.

Anyway, a week has passed and I think I've gotten this cold beat. So that's good.

But the exercise and daily posts? Not so good.

And here I find myself once again on Saturday thinking, I gotta post my charity of the week.

I also had great plans to do this cool charity race thing today called FIGHT FOR AIR CLIMB. It is a stair climb in a public building to benefit the American Lung Association. My sister in law and I were both going to do this event together.

But then she got the flu and I got a cold (I think I may have actually caught the cold from her kids. I talked to my brother this week and said "Your children are a menace. Sure, they look cute. But its all just a ploy to lure you in closer so they can infect you with their germs." He responded: "Tell me about it. They always get me with 'Daddy, can you tuck me in to bed?' ")

So anyway, we were both recouperating from our perspective illnesses and decided to forego these events. And even though I did feel better this morning and I probably could have gone and done the challenge as a last minute thing, I think the FIGHT FOR AIR may have been a bit too literal.

Instead, I'm just going to make a donation to the American Lung Association.

This is probably a good indication of how I'm feeling now:, lung cancer, research, asthma, blah blah blah. Go check it out on your own. I'm getting a cup of tea.

It'll put me in a better mood. I promise

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geekhiker said...

Heh - I gave up on the idea of daily posts a looooong time ago! :)