Sunday, February 6, 2011

American Heart Association

Since this week was the first week of February, I decided to go with a heart theme by choosing the American Heart Association as this week's charity. Like diabetes (and intrinsically related to diabetes), which we talked about last month, cardiovascular disease is one of the greatest health care risks in America. The American Heart Association aims to reduce cardiovascular disease through education, lifestyle changes, rehabilitation, and funding for research.

The have a fantastic interactive website, featuring risk calculators for heart attack, stroke, and other conditions, information and online communities for lifestyle changes such as starting a walking program, tools for finding CPR classes in your area, and lots of links for caregivers, health professionals, and family members. There's also a shop if you want to get one of those nifty little red dress pins that you see everywhere in February.

Since I just dropped $100 this week for a new pair of running shoes this week for my own cardiovascular health, I think its only fair that I can drop another $25 to promote cardiovascular health elsewhere. Check out their website and then go for a walk (or jog, or bike ride or do an exercise DVD while your kids are napping) Your heart will thank you.

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