Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekly Writing Workshop

Today, Serendipity hit me over the head with something soft and fuzzy. (she's nice like that)

I was driving home from work and thinking about MamaKat's writing prompts and how I haven't participated in that little party in, I don't know, a million years? That's when a song came on the radio and I thought: "That's me. This song is me. My life. My thoughts, my feelings, my frustrations. Me." And, I thought back to a conversation I had many years ago with a friend of mine who said that he thought of me every time he heard a certain song; the same song that reminded me of him whenever I heard it. Good songs are like that. They get at the universal experiences we all have but express them in such a way that they seem personal. Like they were written just for you.

Once home, I jumped on Blogger and checked out MamaKat, finding the writing prompt: "List 5 songs describe your life so far" Conveniently, I had already thought of two!

What's funny about these selections is that I thought of them as representing certain periods of my life, which they do, but they seem to represent me now, as well. Whenever now is. So they were me once upon a time, and always.

The JeepGirl songlist :


This was my anthem during high school and just hearing it brings me back to days of acting crazy and having fun with my best buddies. Stil have the same best buddies. Still like to have fun. Still love how innocent this song seems.


I hear this, I think early to mid 20's when I was struggling with the idea that I just didn't want what everyone else wanted. Sometimes that's still a struggle, but in a much less angst ridden way. (remember when Alanis was the queen of angst? I'm so glad she's more grounded now) I am, as well.


I always want to crank this song when I hear it! And I'm right back on the interstate, top down, hair becoming a giant dreadlock from blowing in the wind, cut-off shorts, bikini top, and a permanent smile plastered on my face. It was before GPS so half the fun was finding my way in a strange state with a map. (It helps to be cute when asking for directions, too!) I felt like, finally! I'm living my own life.


Moving back to Massachusetts from California was a struggle for me. I wanted to leave. I felt like I had to leave. But I think, deep down inside, I knew that M wasn't going to move with me, even though he said he wanted to move back east, too.

I remember lying on the floor of Nerd's living room and him telling me what an idiot M was for that.

Such a pretty song. I'm glad I can listen to it now and not get so sad.


Because I HAVE climbed mountains, I HAVE run through fields, I HAVE kissed honeyed lips, felt healing fingertips. And I have that burning inside me. But I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Maybe I never will.

(Now I want to put them all together in a playlist and go for a run!)


Diane said...

I did my first Writer's Workshop in a million years, too! I picked a different prompt, though, as I can never think of songs when I need to. I might give it a shot, though, for another post... (Yours were good, by the way... and I still haven't found what I'm looking for either...)

Anonymous said...

Great song choices!!!! It's amazing how a song can take you right back to a moment in time.

Shell said...

Love these songs!

It had been forever since I had joined in, too. Loved this prompt!

Wombat Central said...

Isn't it strange how hearing a song can take you back to a specific moment in time--sights, smells and all?