Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Who I Am

Once again, it's Wednesday, time for the weekly writing assignment courtesy of Mamakat

This week, I chose to write a poem from a template. It was pretty fun! I'd recommend trying it for yourself!

I Am

I am curious and restless

I wonder where the sun is setting now

I hear the waves crashing

I see the snow capped mountain

I want to travel the world

I am restless and curious

I pretend I'm in another land, another time

I feel joy as I walk the foreign streets

I touch the cold marble facade of a church

I worry that it will never happen

I cry at my own insignificance

I am restless and curious

I understand that anything is possible

I say "The world is mine to explore"

I dream of living a gypsie life

I try to enjoy the adventure in my own home

I hope to call the world my home someday

I am I am curious and restless


Lindsey V said...

Oh these words....just make me SO want to be friends! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your words here so bravely and boldly! Awesome!

Visiting from Mama Kat's

Shauqtm Rahman said...

sewa villa pacet
i like you