Saturday, May 10, 2008

falling into spring

It seems that spring has finally, at long last, arrived. Unfortunately, to me, that has translated into a week of fatigue, difficulty focusing, and--as I found out this morning--an increase in my clumsiness. Just call me Accident Annie.
This morning, I went down to do a load of laundry. On the way, the fabric laundry basket ripped a little, and the wire started to poke out. No biggie. There was no danger of the clothes falling out or anything. I put the clothes in the washer and when poking around at the backet, determined that I should just pull the wire completely out.
As I was walking back to the stairs, I was twisting the wire around, trying to determine if it was recyclable or not. In other words, I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going. But really, is it absolutely necessary to put your full attention into walking up to a set of stairs? Apparently so.
In my wire twisting state, I misjudged the height of the landing at the foot of the stairs. I caught the ball of my foot on the landing and went flying. FLYING. FU-LIE-ING!
Its difficult to wrap my head around how much damage I suffered from a simple trip. I wasn't walking that quickly. I wasn't carrying a bag of glass and nails. I didn't land on a pile of rocks. Nontheless, I wound up with a big chunk of skin ripped from the ball of my foot, a split lip, road rash on the heels of both hands, and bruises on both knees, elbows, and my chin.
I look like I was in a car accident. I can only imagine what kind of damage I will inflict upon myself when I clean out my car tomorrow!

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