Sunday, May 4, 2008


So May is here, and I am a few days late, mainly because I am not home at the moment, I am house and dogsitting for my parents. I enjoy spending time with the dog. One week in October several years ago, I had to take a week off from work or lose earned time. So I spent the entire week hanging out with the dog: going to the beach, walking the canal, doing errands, going out for ice cream together. He is one of the things I missed most when I was living on the west coast.

Anyway, I digress. It looks like April was a half bust in terms of accomplishing goals. May is looking very busy, but that just means I gotta step the effort up a bit more.

1) For 30 days, I will...journal. I used to be so good at this, and like so many other things, it fell by the wayside. But I still enjoy looking back on old journals and remembering things that happened way back. For a couple years now, I have not been keeping that time capsul. Time to remedy that!

2) Read: Revolution from Within

3) I will take a class that has nothing to do with work,

4)Go to a movie (alone, if necessary) Netflix does not count.

5) Do the winter to summer cl0thes switch!

6) Bust into the giant box of craft projects that is sitting under my sofa (formerly my bed). Gotta complete 3 things. Get the ball rolling or they will NEVER get done.

7) swim a mile in the ocean.

8) and any misc unfinished business from last month.

Gotta go dust off my journal.

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