Thursday, May 1, 2008

goodbye april

How the heck did it get to be May already? I go on one measily vacation and its like the entire month slips away. I leave in the perpetual winter that will never end and I come back to flowers and trees erupting everywhere and gas that is 45 cents a gallon higher than when I left. Anyway, having spent the past few days recovering from the vacation, I awoke today to see that I had not updated my life plans and April had slipped away on me. Boo Hoo.

So, one day late, here goes:

1) Lo Carb bit the dust big time. Just can't do it. Love veggies and fruit too much and don't like meat hardly at all. I was swimming around in the bargin bin at the book store and picked up a copy of the Sonoma Diet. Maybe that will be my May plan. That one allows way more veggies and fruit. Even a piece of bread every now and then.

2)Stumbling on Happiness. Done and done. I admit, it didn't really tell me anything helpful that will allow me to steer my life in a happier direction. But it was very entertaining.

3) Got some scrumptious new sheets with a gift card (ha ha. combining goals. how tricky am I?)
Love the new sheets. They are super soft and strangely ultra warm. Not sure how they will work in the summer.

4) WENT SCUBA DIVING IN THE CARRIBEAN!!! I forgot how much I love scuba diving. Need to fit more in over the summer.

5) Had the girl's sleepover. Learned lots from that.

6) Taxes filed. Disturbingly small refund in bank. Wet suit purchased with disturbingly small refund, as I am a bargain shopper at Costco.

7) Spent 2 gift cards on come awesome stuff. More to come as the summer gets closer.

8) I think its time to just admit that the finance thing is going to be an ongoing project. But I am meeting with a bank person Saturday to discuss options for my bank account.

9) No museum. Next month.

10) Talked to so many people in St Marting its ridiculous. Many interesting. None promising. But hey. whatever

New list for May coming soon.

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