Monday, June 30, 2008


June, you rocked! I love the fact that summer came blasting in with the top down, the music cranked, and the alcohol flowing. I feel so alive in the summer. All the pensive, melancholy brooding of months just falls away as I'm outside running or swimming or rollerblading or biking. I feel like my crazy self again.

Which means I have little time to spare for goals:

1) Once again, a failed eating plan. Maybe that's why I have only successfully lost and kept off a grand total of 4 pounds in a year. (I did go down 2 pants sizes though. Go figure) Maybe one of these days I'll get it right. Just not in June.

2) Saw some live music. While drinking free beer. Bonus!

3) Went to the movies. Twice.

4) Finished a sprint triathlon and preparing for another.

5) Read my book.

6) Did not get to crafts. Its too nice out.

July....maybe all my goals should be outdoor endeavors?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe your goals should include beer? Mine usually do, though not exactly on purpose. My mom has a pool AND a kegorator so if I do any excersize this summer it will be drunk swimming and walking to the garage to fill up.