Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm back (injured)

Well, I'm back from Vancouver and I just have to say that I'm eternally grateful that I do what I do and I work where I work because otherwise, I may be falling to pieces. (literally)

Tuesday, I was up at Whistler, watching downhill skiing -- blind slalom (can you even imagine?) and sit-skiing slalom. (more on how all that works later) In any case, I watched the morning runs and then went to have a bite to eat during the break when they were re-doing the courses. I returned at the starting time for the afternoon runs, but found out that they were delayed secondary to intense rain and fog. One delay turned into two, then three, and then I decided I had just about enough of standing in the pouring rain waiting. I figured I would watch the runs on television from my nice, dry hotel room.

While descending the bleachers, a group energetic, goofy kids pushed somebody in my direction. He collided with my upper back at the precise moment that my heel hit the step below me. I felt an immediate, sharp, intense pain in my right lower back at the posterior superior iliac spine. (written like a true physical therapist, if I do say so myself!)

I left the park only to get in a car and drive 2 hours back to Vancouver and then spent the entire day Wednesday in airports and planes -- NOT good for an acute back injury!!

But now on to the original point of this post: I luckily was on my feet all day at work on Thursday, interspersed with lying on mats and stretching, applying ice to my PSIS, and getting a great realignment from my co-worker. Even the asymmetric lifting I need to do getting people out of wheelchairs seemed to make things better. The end result? 4 days after a potentially serious injury, I'm 90% healed. ( a little sore still, but not IN PAIN)

I just feel so lucky that (1) I have a bit of understanding about the injury and what to avoid. I can totally see how it would be tempting to just go to bed and lie flat on my back until everything felt a little better. Which would have made things infinitely worse.

I'm glad that (2) I have an active job. If I had a desk job, I would have just about died! Plus, if I had, like, a lunch meeting with clients and had to SIT ( I couldn't sit. I was hanging half off a chair with one leg dangling while doing paperwork) That probably wouldn't have worked well in a business lunch, eh? I can roll all over the floor where I work and nobody would give me a second look.

Similarly, (3) I'm glad I have access to the modalities and expertise that I do, without needing to wait to get an appointment. I feel badly that sometimes our patients have to wait up to 3 weeks to get in.

So, overall, I'm back, I'm better, and I'm full of post ideas, so watch out!!


Anonymous said...

Ouch. Your injury almost makes me less jealous that you got to go to the Paralypic Games, that you got to be up in Whistler, and that you had a hotel room up there.

Almost. ;)

hebba said... were at the regular olympics!! I'm jealous of you.