Friday, March 5, 2010

weekend wrap up

This week, the weather was like a pesky mosquito that buzzes around your ears all night yet never bites you. It snowed for like 75 hours straight with whipping wind and freezing cold air. And there was maybe 1 inch of accumulation! But the ocean was extra high and choppy and amazing to look at.

I watched a great movie: 500 days of summer. It begins with the lines "This is a story of boy meets girl. But I must warn you: it is not a love story" That just about sums it up, story wise. The music was great, the scenery, the non-linear way it told the story (day 1 to day 400 to day 33 to day 67, etc) the rather open ended way the movie finished...all good. (I've never been a neat and tidy, sum it all up at the end in a nice little package with a bow kind of girl)

And I still feel like I'm trying to pull myself out of the late winter slump that I've fallen into. I'm making it to the gym, I'm trying to eat better, I'm plugging away at projects (I'm getting frustrated that the high school pool was closed 3 times this week because -- hello! No snow accumulation!) but it seems like everything is still a struggle.

I tackled the project of organizing the paperwork. I usually do this on New Years, but I was in California on New Years, so I never got around to it. So I figured I need to organize and purge the file cabinets before I do my taxes!

And I read Green Yourself by Deirdre Imus. Its a bit of a environmental/ organic/ veganize your life guide. I decided to keep this book when done for reference. (It has some good recipes) And it's in keeping with the rest of the goals -- no paper plates, no shopping bags. I've also instituted drying the clothes on a drying rack rather than the dryer. Mainly because our dryer is on its last legs and it makes the worst high pitched screeching noise. I just can't deal with that.

And best of all, after the horrible weather this week, its supposed to be 50 this weekend. I'm gonna jump on my bike and go play!

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MrB said...

I was looking through bloggers who listed triathlon as an interest, saw your profile pic, and had to check in. I am wearing red Chucks right now!