Tuesday, March 2, 2010

february goals

The past month, I got caught up in the February doldrums. It happens every year. February is the shortest month, but it somehow seems like the longest. And it really took the wind out of my sails this year. Soooo....when it comes to goals, I was, well, less than successful.

February Goals:

1) Marathon in 4:30. well, we all know what happened with that. But I did do my 20 mile run sub 9 min pace, so , well you know. Next time.

2) Triathlon training underway: half credit. I'm burning up the gym with bike/run bricks and circuit weight programs. But I have yet to make it into the pool.

3) Hair cut: Can you believe I haven't chopped this mop yet? I got an appointment next weekend though. SO half credit.

4) Go out twice in Feb: SUCCESS! Went out with some work friends to see a band, went to a party with other friends, and went out with some people I met at the expo in Myrtle Beach.

5) Cut down on sugar: big fat fail.

6) Increase water consumption: big dehydrated fail

7) work with scheduling to streamline admissions for clinic: ok. This was not my failure. You know the expression you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink? This was more like you can lead a horse to water but you can't guarantee the lake won't dry up. Too many other factors playing in. Back burner this goal for a while

8) Take 30 pics this month: well, I carried the camera around with me. Does that count?

9) Decide upon and purchase clipless pedals: picked em out...getting them this weekend.

10) COmplete 2 educational series for work: done and done!

March Goals to follow!!

1 comment:

Carolina John said...

it's about time you picked up some clipless pedals!

btw, i put your photo tag up last night. that's a fun one.

now you know why myrtle beach sucks. and if you're going to take 30 pictures this month, how about posting some? maybe with you in them? that's ok.

i'm feeling random today. sorry.